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Why you need the Money Mindset Journal

Create mindfulness around money

Let's be real - it's easy to do life without knowing where the money went. But if knowledge is power, imagine the impact that spending and saving with the intention could make on things you truly want to achieve in life. The Money Mindset Journal is here to help you get (and keep) your head in the game.

Easily track your cash

If you're like most of us, keeping track of your money is at the top of your "Un-Fun Adulting Things I Don't Want to Do Today" list. But you know what is fun? Watching your debts go down, your savings go up and your hard work pay off (pun completely intended). It's why we made our Cash Tracker engaging, Not Boring, and something you'll want to pick up - not push off.

Focus on intentional daily goals

You've got some stuff you want to do in life - take an all-inclusive beach vacation complete with a butler, make your last student loan payment, or sit on the front porch of your new home sipping rosé all day. The money mindset Journal helps you create your own vision board, stay accountable to your goal, and forge a daily path to make it happen.

Uncover your money story

Your money story is unique, just like your DNA. It's a tale about how you've thought, acted, and felt about money all the way from childhood to present, and telling it is a powerful way to spot negative beliefs or patterns that you may not even know you hold. The Money Mindset Journal uses 13 journal prompts to uncover your money story so far. And if you don't like how the first chapters went? You have the power to change the ending.

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