Why we started Hello, It's Me

Hello, it's me!

I'm Shannah Game, and like you, I want more - a better understanding of who I am, where I'm going, and how I fit into the world. I've checked a lot of boxes in my career, including creative entrepreneur, Certified Financial Planner with an MBA, and host of the wildly successful podcast, Millennial Money... but I knew there's a lot more to a fulfilled life than checkmarks.

How did I get here? Like life tends to, mine took a turn - a big one. In October 2018, I was waiting to go into a morning yoga class when I suddenly went completely deaf in my left year. Almost two years later and I still can't hear a thing, except for chronic tinnitus (ironic, right?)

It's been my wake up call to make mindfulness the driver of my life, and the motivation to create Hello, It's me. Together with my husband and co-founder Jeff, our goal is simple - to create all kinds of tools that you can use to cultivate a happier and mindful way of life. There's nothing more powerful than to be able to say, Hello, It's Me, and own your story!

Hello, It's Us

It’s time to reclaim your life and remove the barriers that limit yourself. We create tools to help you live an authentic life so you can stand up and say Hello, It’s Me!

Meet the Team

Abbey Ley

Roller Skating Disco Queen

Lead Designer

Shannah Game

Serial Entrepeneur

Superhero Founder & CEO

Peter Arguijo

Side Hustling Comedian Muay Thai Musician

Junior Designer / Video Production

Jeff Game

Music-loving Meditator

Founder & Creative Director

Valerie Zell

Unrepentant Sloth-obsessed Word Nerd

Head Copy Editor