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What they're saying

I've never used a journal before, but this Money Mindset Journal is so easy to use and after only a couple of months, my wife and I started to tackle some of our debt that we've ignored for so long.


The Money Mindset Journal is part therapy, part manifestation, and part Dear Diary, all put together in one tool that's extremely effective for helping people who hate dealing with money to deal with their money.


The focus on mindfulness, intention and small daily action steps is revolutionary and will help you see REAL change in your life. If you want to move away from scarcity, lack and fear around money and into abundance, wealth and prosperity, this journal will help you get there.


For a right-brained writer like me (read: who's not very good at math), the journaling exercises are an excellent way to bridge that gap. THANK YOU for ditching the spreadsheets and focusing on the story.